Firstly, thank you for joining me!

So, I want to be honest with you all, because this blog is all about the hard side, the unflattering side, the upsetting side, of being a plus size girl; and of being me. It’s my first time. I’m a first time blogger and this is my first time sharing my thoughts and photos unashamedly with a wider audience. I want to show and help those in a similar situation to me that you can be #prettyANDplussize, and that being Pretty for Plus Size is not even a thing. You are pretty, and intelligent, and valuable; not despite the fact that you are plus size, not because you are plus size. As a matter of fact, being plus size, it totally irrelevant. Which may seem contradictory to the title, however knowing that I’m both pretty for a plus size girl, and pretty for a regular girl too is only just a recent realisation for me.

I’m sure I am not the only one, who has been told “Oh, you’re so pretty for a fat girl.” Or “Wow, you’d be so beautiful if you lost some weight.” Unfortunately these comments come from absolutely everyone, the media, strangers, sometimes even the people closest to us. Even more than that, a lot of these people believe that those statements are true, and that can be so detrimental to our own mental health. So I’m sort of here to try and help build you up, encourage, support and empower you, and hopefully create a community of like minded women to get behind you as well!

Being someone who enjoys fashion, shopping and selfies, and being a 20-something girl who like to go out with friends, go on dates, go to bars, and generally be social; I have always found myself struggling to find stores that provide younger plus size girls with attractive options, if any options at all! I find that many plus size stores are catered to older women, or assume that ‘bigger’ girls don’t want to wear things that hug their figure! (Hell no! My body curves like the coastline of Amalfi, Italy, everyone wants to see that!) So I spend a lot of my time trolling websites and online stores that sell clothes that are both flattering to my body shape and appealing to my eye and personality. The recent social surge in businesses on Instagram certainly makes my life a lot easier to do this, so I wanted to share the stores, their clothes, as well as my own tips and tricks on putting together a bangin’ look, with you! Along the way, we’ll probably talk relationships, design (I’m a graphic designer by trade), food and PCOS as well,  but hopefully, some of that will strike your interest and you will keep coming back.

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