So my IG post this morning (follow @prettyforplussize) said that I wanted to let you guys in on a few things, share some secrets and break down some digital walls we might have. Basically, I just wanted to have a chat a little more about why I’m here, what I am hoping to achieve and why I am doing what I am.

Obviously my IG page is my greatest portal right now, it’s where my passion and focus is. My original concept for P4PS was only an Instagram page, just to share my outfits and different looks with the plus size community. It was only after starting an IG page, that I realised, I had more to say than those little IG comment boxes would allow – hence the blog appeared. Don’t get me wrong, I am learning every single step as we go here, and winging it a lot of the time, but that is part of the fun!

The biggest idea behind Pretty For Plus Size was to break down the stigma that follows young women who fall into the plus size clothing category, that they don’t want to look beautiful or dress in nice clothes. We are seeing so much in the media currently about plus size models and runway shows and women coming into their own in the fashion industry, but as a 20-something year old who was dying to be trendy, I still felt such a gap. I can’t go shopping with my friends, or when I do, they wonder why I won’t try anything on (when they know how much I LOVE to shop). It’s because I know nothing will fit me, and I will do anything to avoid that embarrassment. There is approximately 1 boutique plus size store that slightly caters to women my age, that I will now venture into inside a shopping center, but other than that, I do all my shopping online. My realisation was that I am not alone in this predicament, that if I was struggling to find places to shop and buy new clothes, surely other girls my age were to! That’s why I have set out to share with you the brands I love to wear, styles I find flattering, stores I venture into and clothes that make me feel pretty and plus size! Along the way I’m hoping to even find some NEW brands and businesses that cater for my body type, and hopefully share those with you as well!

However it’s not just about the clothes and brands that I manage to get my hands on, I want to share  the other little things that I find help me feel pretty. There seems to be this odd misconception – built in the phrases ‘Oh you’re pretty for a fat girl’ or ‘You’d be beautiful if you lost weight.’ That we CAN’T be beautiful just because we haven’t lost weight, ah no. So along with the clothes, it’s about the details; my nails, my brows, when my make up looks good, all these things make me feel beautiful and good within my self. And at the end of the day that’s the vibe I’m trying to give off to you! So if I can tell you where to go to get your #browsonfleek or which salon is good for #nailgoals, then I’m going to do that as well.

I want to build you up, exactly the way you are.