As a curvy gal, I’ve had my fair share of uncomfortable moments. Trying to squeeze past people on the bus, trying to comfortably sit in a airline chair, trying to get a drink at a bar when the male bartender is ignoring me, and trying not to die when my inner thighs catch on fire from chafe. While some of these things are beyond my control and unfortunately probably never going to change, I’m happy to tell you that I am no longer going to catch alight from the friction between my legs (hint: it’s not the good kind).

Enter, Sonsee. A made in Italy, designed in Australia hosiery and intimates company founded by boss babe Vanessa. Coming from a background in pattern making and product development, Vanessa found a gap in the market for plus size women in with struggles of ill fitting and terrible quality items. Appearing in the first Australian episode of Shark Tank, the idea of Sonsee won the support of Red Balloon founder and entrepreneur Naomi Simson, and the rest is history – and now available for you to add to your wardrobe! 

Vanessa approached me to give the Sonsee Anti Chafing Shorts a try, and I was more than thrilled to be able to take them for a stroll. I have been following Sonsee as a company for over 12 months now, and always been intrigued to their curvy magic and unparalleled quality, but had not yet taken the plunge to purchase. Once receiving these shorts, I cannot believe I waited so long! *instantly adds half the products to my cart.

The product description claims below:

  • made from lightweight and breathable fabric, that smooths, but doesn’t shape.
  • made to wear in comfort all day long with a supportive waistband and leg bands.
  • zero ugly panels and no digging.

I popped my shorts on for a day that I knew was going to involve lots of walking and running errands, as I know this is when my love of dresses lets me down, by the end of the day my thighs burn! It was also a weekend and I had #instaboyfriend and my two beautiful step kids in tow, so full run around mode.

The first thing I noticed was that they were no where near as tight or as uncomfortable as a normal hideous pair of ‘suck me ins’. I put them on easily and without resistance and they sat at about belly button height to mid thigh on me (note: I have seriously short legs, so they may even be a little shorter on a regular vertically proportioned human). This also meant they were really easy to wear all day long with out digging in or being uncomfortable, and super easy to get on and off for bathroom breaks. I found the fabric and design, paired with  the length of the shorts gave me a great line. I wore a relaxed tee dress that would normally cling to my hips a little when I move, and found I had no visible lines or bulges under my dress. I found the length would sit comfortably under most of my dresses (excluding maybe a couple of mini party dresses that I might own), and there would be no reason I could not LIVE in this product for ultimate comfort.

My number one concern and aspect that I wanted to put to the test was if the ‘shorts’ part of the shorts rolled up. I always find with regular shape-wear or intimate style shorts, that because of the shape of my legs – chunky right the the top, with an indent where they meet my pelvis (welcome to my anatomy) – that the bottom hemline in this sort of style always seems to bunch and roll up my thigh, over the chunk, and then sit in my bikini line, which creates a worse line than if I had metal armour underneath my dress. However, I am pleased to report I did NOT have that trouble with the Sonsee short! This is actually my favourite thing about this product. They did not move. All day. I went to the grocery store, did some house work, even went to the park and played on one of those spinning merry-go-round things. The shorts stayed exactly where I put them on at 8am, and did not roll, bunch, or catch on fire due to rubbing, at any time until I took them off at 6pm. And in the Queensland heat I had them on all day and didn’t feel like they were effecting my body temperature at all.

In an official review capacity, I am giving them exactly 5 stars, as I could not fault them at all! In fact now I simply feel like I need every other Sonsee product that I was dreaming about, because they’re all going to be just as life changing. If you’re a girl suffering from chafe – and let me stress – chafe is not exclusive to the curvy community, it’s just one step closer to being a mermaid; this product is definitely worth a try.

I’m wearing a size GORGEOUS 14-16 (which my hips measurement falls at the bottom of the size guide recommendation) for the purpose of this review.


*The views expressed in this product review are 100% my own. I was gifted product at the retail value of $49.95 for the purpose of this blog post, I was not paid to provide a positive product review, or forced to submit my content for approval from the brand.