We all have our favourite seasons. I find most people love summer – personally, I’m a winter baby. Give me layers and snuggling under blankets and a hot chocolate any day over being hot and sweaty and sun burnt. One of my main winter preferences is the fashion! Growing up I would always prefer a boot over a bikini, or a scarf over a singlet. That said, as I’ve developed my style, I’ve also found that I love summer dressing more and more. So much so that it’s nearly disappointing when winter rolls around I can’t show off my colourful dresses and sparkly sandals.

So it was this year that I decided I didn’t have to give up my sometimes OTT favourites during the colder months and that I was going to step up my winter style from black dresses and boring boots. Just in case you want to embrace the chill in fabulous style, I’ve included my top tricks on how to embrace your winter wardrobe and still express your style under 18 layers of clothing.

Add Colour. 

Adding bold colours is the perfect way to brighten up your dreary winter wardrobe and have your dreamer of warmer times. The best part is you can go as bright or as subtle as you want depending on your own personal style! Choose something bright and pair it back with other monochrome pieces, or if you’re game try layering colour on colour. Think neon pants, busy patterns and bold blazers, winter really is the best time to pull out those statement pieces and style them any way you like.

Pair a bright skirt (like below) with a plain long sleeve top and a denim jacket to keep it casual. Or add a bold pink blouse to these blue palazzo pants for some serious colour blocking. Pair this a busy and bright patterned dress back with simple black tights and boots for an easy standout look.

Create Texture.

Being able to wear so many layers (if you live anywhere cooler than it is in Brisbane) in winter, means that you can layer different textures and finishes for and interesting and exciting outfit. If you’re just dipping your toe into the world of a ‘non-black winter’ try adding this with your accessories and smaller details – before you jump all in with head to toe glitter.

Finishing your look with a textured rattan bag can be a great way to tie together a simple jeans + tee outfit. Or you could swap the boots for a sock and sandal style… but not just any old socks (you can check our the gorgeous @curvycartel absolutely rocking a sequined sock look). Speaking of sequins, a sequined jacket it the BEST way to combine all 3 ‘step up your winter’ tips, bright, sequins, layers – tick tick tick.

Embrace Exciting Layers. 

Winter is the perfect time to be able to print and colour clash as much as you like. Depending on where you live will depend on just how many layers you need, but luckily as long as there is a cool breeze, you will definitely be able to add a little something exciting to your winter look. Wearing multiple layers also makes it a lot easier to get away with mixing and matching bold items together (refer to trick 1), mainly because people are so cold and miserable your rainbow inspired outfit will make them so happy they’ll forgive you if you’ve fashion faux pas’d. 😉

If you’re embracing your new winter style, a bright or patterned coat is a fun start. Don’t be afraid to layer your bright colours it with other colours underneath or stick to a tonal trend and layer your colour of choice in shades! Once again adding a fun pattern to your layer is a great way to break up your comfortable muted style. You can slowly embrace your new winter style by layering a patterned cardigan over your black base, with a dark layer on top. Alternatively, spicing up you bottom layer is also a great option! Colourful yellow tights are the perfect way to add some sunshine to your day.

No matter how you prefer to inject some fun into your winter styling, there’s definitely options for the brave and the faint-hearted.

Happy Winter!

Kate xx