When I say bathhouse, you say? …Naked old men.

I’ll admit that may have been my first reaction – quickly followed by what is a bathhouse, and what do you do there – when I heard that Brisbane had recently opened it’s very at Cenote Casa Bathhouse. After realising that my knowledge of bathhouse activity was limited to my high school Ancient History class an this was in-fact, not how they operated these days, I was intrigued to give it a go myself.

Cenote Casa Bathhouse has just recently opened in Wooloongabba, Brisbane as a communal unisex bathhouse. Fitted with a cedar wood sauna, magnesium plunge pool, heated hydrotherapy spa, steam room infused with essential oils, sun deck and lounge areas, this is the number one place on my radar to unwind. Available by appointment only (and maximum 6 people to a time slot), #instaboyfriend and I were lucky enough to nab a time slot and experience the relaxation for ourselves.

On entering Cenote Casa Bathhouse, you’re met with the aroma of relaxation immediately. A comforting and light-filled waiting area greets you, along with the friendly smile of one of the Cenote team. After just walking off the busy and bustling street, the traffic and city noises are quickly forgotten and you’re transported to you own little place of paradise. You are encouraged to wear comfortable swimwear and the bathhouse is fitted with changing rooms for your use; removing all makeup is also recommended to get the best experience for your skin

Once you walk through that back door – paradise is on. You’re immediately surrounded in lush greenery and your own pathway to explore the space. At this point, the staff will show you the facilities, and complimentary fruit infused water and herbal tea are provided. Of course, we were there to try everything so our first stop was the hydrotherapy spa; designed to reduce muscle pains and tensions this felt like the best place to be after a long week. The spa is a comfortable space to fit 6 adults (probably best if you know each other), and I could actually feel my weekly worries melt away into the bubbling water. Somehow, even being so close to one of Brisbane busiest roads, you feel so removed from the noise and have a great view of the space from here.

Next stop was my first every steam room experience – and let me tell you this is not one to be missed! I’ll be honest here, to start with, it feels like the worst idea in the world if you’ve never experienced it before. Hot, really hot, and filled with steam? I wasn’t convinced. However after actually being inside for a few minutes – I got it. Sure, I was still hot and it was really steamy; but as my body sweated (and sweated some more) I realised just how good this was going to be for my skin especially for my face! Open up those pores, cleanse me! Steam rooms are also great to increase your circulation and reduce stress, so it’s the ultimate mood booster. The steam room was sitting around 50* on this occasion and we sat inside for about 15 minutes. It is recommended to use a steam room for no longer than 20 minutes at a time and you should always be conscious of your body, if you feel nauseous or dizzy, tap out.

After sweating away my worries I felt it was appropriate to use the outdoor shower. It’s like it’s own little oasis in the middle of the bathhouse with wooden panelling and luxe bath products for your use. Personally, I felt it was a good idea to wash away the heat and sweat that my body had just experienced before diving into the magnesium plunge pool. As someone who has suffered from eczema my entire life I was pretty pumped to try out this plunge pool – magnesium is super beneficial for skin conditions such as this and helps soothe and moisturise your body. But even without this, spending some time in the plunge pool has many health benefits – it helps relieve stress, detoxifies your skin, leaves your hair moisturised and helps increase your quality of sleep!

Our last stop was the cedar wood sauna, the design of the sauna gives of a delicious scent while you create your steam from the inside – allowing it to be as warm as you’d like. Saunas are also great for muscle recovery and promote healthy cardiovascular performance. They help cleanse the skin, flush toxins and relieve stress; so basically you are going to emerge from Cenote Casa Bathhouse a relaxed, glowing goddess with amazing skin, can’t complain right. Saunas an also help encourage a deer sleep – let me tell you I step so well that night!

Besides all these incredible facilities, the space also boasts lounger chairs and a beautiful pergola area designed for you to relax and unwind. We found it the perfect place to take a break, sip our tea and have a few chats while surrounded by the tranquillity.

Every inch of Cenote Casa Bathhouse has been thought through and designed to make you feel at ease from the moment you arrive. The experiences available allow you to really immerse yourself in the relaxation and embrace the luxurious surroundings – it’s nearly like being on holidays, but you can go every weekend! A two-hour time slot is $45 per person, and this includes full access to the space as well as towels and tea. While #instaboyfriend and I loved having some chill time together, this would also be an awesome place to hang with girlfriends and have a girls day out.

From the luxe styling to the body nourishing oils and products provided for use, you will leave Cenote Casa Bathhouse feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and re-inspired to tackle the world again.


*This experience was gifted for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.