I’m Kate, I’m 20 something, living in Brisbane and working as a graphic designer and marketing during the day. Although my day job doesn’t always appreciate my sense of style or carefully selected outfits, any excuse to dress up and get out is good enough for me!

I find the plus size fashion industry can be limited and intimidating for young women to navigate and get through feeling confident and sexy. I spend hours and hours trolling websites and social media to try and find stores and fashions that are appealing to me, and in my size. Although I do love this social trolling, I know a lot of people would much rather do other things with their time; which is why I hope to share with you my favorite stores, outfits, tricks and styles right here!

I’m open to collaborations and opportunities with companies or individuals both big and small! And if you would like to get in touch, simply contact me at prettyforplussize@gmail.com OR on my overly active instagram account @itskatejanmaree