Ah, the off-the-shoulder. Everyone who is anyone is wearing it, has been wearing it, is planning to wear it. This is one trend that I am very, very on board with.

The off-the-shoulder trend has been around for a while, summer, winter, day or night; it doesn’t seem to matter. This is one versatile style. Also one that for once, does NOT depend on your size!? Remember last summer when EVERYTHING finished above the belly button, well I became very un trendy that season, I don’t make friends with crop tops. I’ve been rocking off-the-shoulder everything for months already and I’m so pumped to carry this trend into summer with more boho dresses and colourful blouses. As we head into warmer weather, this style is continuously developing with new variations and silhouettes at every retailer. The original ‘straight across’ off-the-shoulder still exists, but now there is the one-shoulder, the subtle-shoulder, the detailed-sleeve-shoulder, the strappy shoulder and the cold shoulder too! Couple that with the fact that this style works on tops, dresses, jumpsuits and jackets, how’s a girl to choose!

In general, my favourite thing about this style is it’s just a little bit of sexy. A little bit of shoulder is taunting enough to make your man’s mouth water, but feminine enough that your grandma still thinks you look cute (sorry grandma 😉 ). As i mention it looks flatting in a top with jeans, a dress with heels or even corporate styled as a blazer! With all the different sleeve variations it is actually possible to have the perfect shoulder for every occasion! I personally love a standard ‘detailed-sleeve’ or ‘full-sleeved’ for date night or dancing. Whereas a good ‘cold-shoulder’ or ‘straight-shoulder’ is perfect for lunch with family or a day trip with your besties. Just incase your shoulder knowledge isn’t up to speed – I’ve headed to ASOS to find my favourite ‘shoulder’ styles to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about!

shoulder1Embellished Cold Shoulder Shift Dress available here. 


ASOS Curve Sundress available here.

shoulder2Halter Cold Shoulder Dress available here.

John Zach Off Shoulder Ruffle Dress available here.

Although I’ve gone with a ‘dress’ vibe above, with summer approaching you best have your off-the-shoulder tops at the ready! Super easy to style, these tops look fab with both skirts and shorts and my go to pairing – denim! Whether its jeans, a denim skirt or a pair of cut offs, coupled together this is such a carefree and comfortable style. To dress it up I love to add a pair of statement earrings, particularly if your neckline is quite plain.

If you have read my previous blog posts, you will be aware of my frustrations regarding my well endowed chest. While the girls are great sometimes, an ‘off-the-shoulder’ sleeve does require a strapless bra. Now if you haven’t found your holy grail of strapless bras just yet (note to self: another blog post), this is where the cold-shoulder sand strappy-shoulder styles come in, because ladies, you can wear a regular bra! If you head to @prettyforplussize on IG you can check out how I have styled the cold-shoulder top for maximum support and comfort. And f you take a look below, you can see how obsessed I am with off the shoulder tops 🙂 🙂

Until next time! Stay #prettyforplussize




BASIC: only interested in things mainstream, popular and trending.
My favorite piece this week is so absolutely basic, I can barely stand it. The last time I walked into this store, I was probably 13 years old and looking for some fluro/cropped/mesh/layered ensemble. Sadly, when I walked in this time, there was still a lot of cropped and mesh going on (we have moved on from fluro, thank gosh). If you haven’t guessed already, the store that I am referring to is SUPRÉ. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with SUPRÉ and their style, but let’s just say I feel a little old and a little plus size to be walking into a store like that. However, surrounded by dresses with the midriff cut out, and shorts so short they could of been belts; I found the beauty of a skirt.
I used to own a skirt similar to this manyyy years ago, so let’s just say I was pretty pumped to rediscover this style. The Super Soft Gather Mini Skirt – now something with the word ‘mini skirt’ puts me on high alert straight away, however I find this particular style long enough to even wear up at my belly button (where I like to wear my skirts) without being too offensively short. Plus it has my my extra favourite feature – the ruching. I’m a secret addict of the TV show ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and the moment a curvy lady walks in they all start raving about ruching. The thing is, ruching is a seamstresses gifts to curvy ladies, so I’m going to rave about it too! Ruching is the sewing or gathering of material along the sides of a skirt (or dress) which creates soft folds in the fabric. It’s a little like smoke and mirrors, it’s a magic trick. It makes it very hard to tell what are fabric folds and what are lumps and bumps in your gorgeous womanly figure! Ta da!  This style on this skirt actually allows it to drape and flow with my body and around my hips to actually compliment my shape, hide those love handles, and make me feel pretty damn sexy!
As well as being perfect for my curvy shape, it’s also super comfortable and really versatile! A skirt like this is something that is so easy to dress up or down. Here I have styled it with a simple River Island Cross Back Cami and Target Lily Loves Denim Jacket perfect for a trip to the movies or an outing during the day. You could also dress it up with a sparkly top and heels to wear on a night out!  For an extra dress down pair it with with a trusty pair of Converse or similar skater style sneakers. You could ever throw on a band t-shirt or graphic tee to wear is even more casually! I’ve added some custom statement earrings (one of a kind sorry!) to dress it up a little extra and I’m obsessed with Kenzie Collective at the moment (I’m a little late on board that train I know), whose just released something similar and stunning!
Particularly for bottoms, I generally stick to plus branded stores as I feel my child birthing hips (as my mother likes to call them) are better accommodated for in those stores when it comes to jeans, pants and skirts. However it can definitely be worth rummaging through a few more mainstream stores to find little treats like this one. Other stores like Glassons, H&M and Decjuba are a few of my mainstream stores that I like to venture into. I find Decjuba also has some really great tops and blouses that seem more forgiving in the size department.
You can pick up my skirt here or see a similar Midi (YAS!) version that SUPRÉ is also stocking here. And check out (my awesome photographer) David’s stunning photography on his Insta! 
Embrace those curves, watch their jaws drop and show the nay-sayers just why you are #prettyforplussize


I absolutely fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it pop up on my IG feed. From the gorgeous sleeves, to the gingham print, it looked super comfortable and easy to wear – a massive plus. After purchasing, I can confirm my first impressions were right! There are 3 things, that I love about this dress for plus size fashion.

  1. The neck line
  2. The length
  3. The sleeves! (duh)

So lets talk about neck lines – and boobs. I’m running Double D’s up in here, and I know that a lot of women are even more blessed in size than I am. I have found in the past that there is an awkward place between turtleneck and low cut, which for ladies with lumps can pose a serious problem! I don’t know about you, but put me in something with a turtle neck and I look like I’m about to choke myself. I find covering allll that space in fabric starts to look suffocating, and seems to make my boobs appear higher on my body, way too close to my face! On the opposite end of the scale, there’s the V-neck, or low cut idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little cleavage, but I would also love to put on a t-shirt with out offending my grandmother. There is a very fine line in V-necks that larger busted ladies have to be aware of – it’s just our life. So for this gorgeous dress to be rocking a high scoop neckline, I’m swooning. I don’t have to worry that the ladies are gonna fall out, OR that I may choke myself. WIN 1!

My second favourite thing is the length. Now I’m 5’9″, so I’m already pretty tall. Couple that with the fact that I seem to have the world’s shortest legs and longest body, I need to be very aware that a dress is long enough to reach past my bum. This one, sits a bit above my knee, in a relaxed A-line fit. I find this length perfect for both day and night wear, and can even sneak in a little heel on my shoes without making it look too short! WIN 2!

The best bit! This dress has the best sleeves ever! It’s a ruffle, mixed with a bell, mixed with my favourite childhood dress that was ruffle central! The sleeves on this dress are basically just a massive standout for me, I feel because all of the detailing is on the sleeves, it leaves the actual body of the dress to concentrate on being well fitting and flattering – which is a perfect combination. Besides the fact I need to remember not to drop my wrists in my food when wearing it, if you mix all of that with the on trend gingham print, there is really nothing about this outfit that I don’t adore. WIN 3!


I’ve teamed this ‘Stevie Gingham Dress’ (available here with a pair of last season black ankle boots and a pair of custom made statement earrings. I’ve gone looking and found a really similar pair of staple black ankle boots from NOVO, which are on sale at the moment! (On sale at: ) These particular boots are a length I love as they don’t seem to cut off my already short legs. I’m also digging the size and chunkiness of the heel, the thicker the heel the better in my books!

Due to the temperamental weather here in Brisbane I’ve thrown on my City Chic Leather Biker Jacket (which I am obsessed with), just in case! I literally searched every store in south east Queensland to get my hands on this baby so unfortunately it is sold out. But never fear! City Chic have heaps more bangin’ jackets that you could pair with this! (Visit: ).


A big shout out to David Rowe on the Gold Coast for these fab images. Check him out at and


‘Till next time, I hope you are rocking #prettyforplussize